Episode 365: Strong A.I. – Aug 26, 2015


First up, we’ll hear about two upcoming events. Meli James is on the line to tell us about tomorrow’s Hawaii Venture Capital Association lunch panel focused on the energy sector. Then Poni and Brandon Askew join us to preview the Makers and Tasters event coming up in Kakaako. Finally, for the rest of the hour, we’ll explore the state-of-the-art in “Artificial Intelligence.” Beyond Siri, Cortana, and Alexa, what will “Strong AI” do for us? We’ll do some deep thinking with Chris Sullivan and Jeffrey Watumull from Oceanit on this topic.

Photo (l:r) Burt Lum, Poni & Brandon Askew, Ryan Ozawa, missing: Meli James, Chris Sullivan and Jeffrey Watumull)

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Episode 364: Univ. of Hawaii Makers – Aug 19, 2015


First up, we’ll hear about two upcoming events. Kelsey Amos from Purple Maia is here to tell us about the Weekend Coding Workshop for middle schoolers. Then Chalmer Lowe will tell us about an upcoming PyHawaii event. Finally, for the rest of the hour, we’ll catch up with the UH Makers. John Rand Director of STEM and KCC student Geena Wann-Kung will tell us about the maker movement at the University and their experiences at the National Maker Faire in Washington D.C.

Photo (l:r) Burt Lum, John Rand, Chalmer Lowe, Geena Wann-Kung, Kelsey Amos, Ryan Ozawa

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Episode 363: Project IMUA – Aug 12, 2015


First up, we’ll hear about two upcoming events. Eric Pape from Civil Beat is here to tell us about the Future of News event sponsored by the Hawaii Society of Business Professionals. Then Cindy Matsuki is here from the High Tech Development Corp to tell us about the next Wetware Wednesday on light manufacturing.

Finally, for the rest of the hour, we’ll get the full story behind Project IMUA and putting a payload in space. Joining us today is Joe Ciotti, Elena Barbour and Debora Pei. Joe is a Professor of Physics, Astronomy & Mathematics and Director Center for Aerospace Education/Hōkūlani Imaginarium at Windward Community College. Elena Barbour is from WinCC and the student on WinCC’s team for Housing Design, Integration & Static Testing. Debora Pei is from HonCC and was the lead student on HonCC’s team for Power, Telemetry & Engineering Experiments.

Photo (l:r) Burt Lum, Elen Barbour, Debora Pei, Cindy Matsuki, Joe Ciotti, Ryan Ozawa

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Episode 362: Food Sustainability – Aug 5, 2015


First up this hour, we’ll hear about two upcoming events. Anne Murata from the Pacific Aviation Museum will tell us about the 8th Biggest Little Airshow next weekend. Then Jessica Grazziotin is here from the UH College of Engineering to fill us in on the 2nd annual Indigenous Knowledge in Engineering Symposium. Finally, we’ll talk about food sustainability with Kevin Vaccarello from Sustain Hawaii, Fred Lau from Mari’s Gardens, and Marty Matlock from the Univ of Arkansas. From soil-less farming to setting metrics, how will we measure success as we move forward?

Photo (l:r) James Koivunen, Burt Lum, Anne Murata, Kevin Vaccarello, Fred Lau, Jessica Grazziotin, Joshua Kaahua, Ryan Ozawa

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Episode 361: NOAA Okeanos and Box Jelly/Sting No More – July 29, 2015


In this hour, we’ll first hear about the upcoming Okeanos Explorer deep sea expedition to the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument with Christopher Kelley and Daniel Wagner. Then after the break, we’ll hear from Angel Yanagihara and Mimi Pezzuto about jelly fish research, commercializing university IP, Sting No More and bringing a new cream that offers relief from painful stings to market.

Photo: Burt Lum, Daniel Wagner, Chris Kelly, Toni Parras, Angel Yanagihara, Ryan Ozawa (l:r)

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Episode 360: International Astronomical Union – July 22, 2015


In this hour, we’ll hear about upcoming events focused on the local startup scene. Meli James is here to tell us about tomorrow’s monthly luncheon with the Hawaii Venture Capital Association. Then Darcie Scharfenstein from Entrepreneurs Foundation will cover the Pupus & Pitches pau hana gathering. Also Dave Bruce calls in from Hawaii Island to update us on a GVS Transmedia event. Finally, we’ll get a preview of the International Astronomical Union’s General Assembly, the world’s largest gathering of astronomers that’s coming to Hawaii next month. Here in the studio we’ll have IfA Director Dr. Günther Hasinger and Dr. Roy Gal. Also joining us by phone from Padova, Italy, is Dr. Piero Benvenuti, Deputy General Secretary of the IAU.

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Episode 359: Solar Impulse – July 15, 2015


Today, we are dedicating the full hour to the Solar Impulse, an ambitious around-the-world journey powered purely by the sun. In the studio today we have pilot and CEO, Andre Borschberg and Managing Director, Gregory Blatt of Solar Impulse.

Andre was the man in the cockpit of the Solar Impulse 2 plane on its journey from Japan to Honolulu, breaking world records and setting an endurance milestone in aviation. He was a jet pilot in the Swiss Air Force and a successful business man before co-founding the Solar Impulse project, sharing piloting duties with explorer Bertrand Piccard.

Gregory is the Managing Director responsible for Marketing and Communications for the Solar Impulse, and was part of a coordinated global team charged with the task of spreading the word about the project, and sending the message of what is possible even without burning fossil fuels.

The Solar Impulse plane and crew is in Honolulu but their schedule is always unpredictable, so we’re happy to be able to catch Andre and Gregory during a rare break.

As we record this show, Solar Impulse is preparing to make an Important announcement, and we’ll be able to talk about it on in this program. But first, let’s get to know Solar Impulse. Andre and Gregory, welcome to Bytemarks Cafe!

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Episode 358: The Canvas – July 8, 2015


We’ll start things off today with a couple of guests who are here to tell us about their upcoming events. Jodi Ito from the University of Hawaii will tell us about Gen Cyber Hawaii Camps, teaching the next generation of cyber security professionals. Then Lisa Shozuya from Lyon Associates tells us about an upcoming disaster preparedness training series coming up this Saturday. Finally, we’ll hear about a collaborative space in Kalihi created by and for high school students. Joining us later are a couple of the founders of The Canvas, Isabelle Wong and Jessica Kim.

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Episode 357: Startup Weekend Honolulu 2015 – July 1, 2015


In this hour, we’ll hear about an upcoming event focused on digital media businesses from Bee Leng Chua, and Mike Gifford will tell us about a new app call Dodecki that’ll help you avoid wasting time in line at your favorite restaurants. Finally, we’ll hear from the winners of the latest Startup Weekend Honolulu, including for the first time a high school student. Stay tuned to meet Liam Clive of Mentorship.link, Constantin Dumba of Grumble and Jenn Lazariuk of All About.

If you are interested in joining the Mentorship.Link beta program as a participating business or a participating student, please contact Liam Clive at liam@mentorship.link. To learn more about Mentorship.Link, visit www.liamclive.com.

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Episode 356: Podcasting 2015 – June 24, 2015


Kicking off this hour, we’ll hear first-hand from organizers of three special events coming up in the next few days. Meli James from the Hawaii Venture Capital Association returns to tell us about tomorrow’s Women in Tech panel. Then Dave Raatz from the Maui County Council joins us by phone to tell us about the annual Hawaii State Association of Counties conference. Then, Dave Ulrich from Pacific New Media joins to fill us in about this weekend’s f808 Photo Hawaii festival. Finally, after the break, we’ll dedicate the rest of the show to explore the resurgence of podcasting. Has ‘the next big thing’ been going strong all along? Here to talk about it is Todd Cochrane from Geek News Central, Blubrry and RawVoice, and Kimi Morton from Hot Better Pop.

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