Episode 491: Ag Hackathon Winners – Jan 24, 2018

We kick things off with Jesse Thompson, organizer of this weekend’s Global Game Jam. Then, after the break, we’ll hear from two of the winning teams from the AGathon, the state’s first agricultural hackathon.

Micah Chao was on the Farm Safe team. Micah is a 2017 graduate of Drexel University in Software Engineering, doing healthcare analytics now at Queens Health Systems. And Sumil Thapa was on the Harvest Vision team. Sumil came to the hackathon from the private sector, part of one of the larger teams from local R&D firm Oceanit.

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Episode 487: Hawaii’s Ag Industry & #AGathon – Dec 27, 2017

Photo (l:r) Burt Lum, Brian Miyamoto, Megan Kono, Jodi Ito, Ryan Ozawa

First up, Jodi Ito from Univ of Hawaii’s ITS Dept is here to tell us about the upcoming GenCyber Campfire happening on Jan 3, 2018. Then we talk about the agriculture industry and upcoming agriculture hackathon called the AGathon, kicking off on Jan 6, 2018. Brian Miyamoto, Exec Director of the Hawaii Farm Bureau joins us for the interview.

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Episode 430: Ag-tech – Nov 23, 2016

Photo (l:r) Burt Lum, Shane Asselstine, Brendan Brennan, Robbie Melton, Cindy Goldstein, Ryan Ozawa

To kick off today’s show, we hear about a couple of projects. Shane Asselstine is here to tell us about the upcoming international Hour of Code and then Brendan Brennan will tell us about a disruptive vision for education called the Moonshot Incubator. Then, after the break, we talk to Robbie Melton from HTDC and Cindy Goldstein from Ag Matters about the intersection of tech and agriculture.

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